About Pierre Vella

Well after a decade following, admiring and experiencing Formula 1, I felt it was time to create this blog. I remember South Africa Grand Prix 1979, Ferrari inaugurates the Ferrari T4, a racing car that was destined to excel with South African Jody Scheckter and Gilles Villeneuve. That year Ferrari took their F1 championship, from my end it was the start of taking Formula 1 more than just a hobby. I have commenced radio transmission in 1994, plus featured on TV commenting on F1. Four years from 1998, effected direct transmission of the F1 season. Following was a weekly F1 TV program, in the meantime print contributor for the Sunday Times (Malta), accredited FIA F1 journalist since 1997 and no chance to stop. I hope that with this blog you will have the opportunity to explore more the wonderful world of Formula 1.